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Here are 21 Jenny Hughes books published between 2000 and 2012 by Stabenfeldt in eight different countries and seven languages :

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Let’s start with the first available at: (Can also be bought at and )

           Model Horse


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First newby on the block is called  Model Horse and yes, I always have horse in the title, it’s so you know what you’re getting right from the start!  The action in Model is set on a fictional Cape* in England and concerns fifteen year-old Casey who’s struggling big time with her gorgeous new pony Limelight.   There are a few things going on in the story, an old mystery surrounding an even older house, a movie-star’s daughter and her bodyguard, someone who isn’t who he says he is, a creepy looking old guy who some think is a ghost, a naughty horse who won’t swim and a lovely young guy who’s keen to help Casey with the problems that involve just about all of the above.  There are clues to the mystery if you’re in the mood to try and solve it, so good luck and happy reading!

       Fantasy Horse


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          Fantasy Horse starts off with a scene you might be familiar with – a pony club games competition but everything changes when Emma and her friends Alice and Robert are whisked off with their ponies to do the opening show for a new theme park, Fantasy World.  There are loads of horses and riders involved, including teen pin up Troy, who quickly gets up close and personal with Emma when he asks her to help with his riding.  What with teaching gorgeous Troy, calming down jealous Robert, and doing major stunt work on her fab pony Rocco, there’s hardly enough time to work out who’s playing mean, dangerous tricks to try and slow up Fantasy World’s progress.  Turns out there’s more than one baddie but clever Emma and brilliant Rocco work it out just in time to save the day.

     Mystery at Black Horse Farm 


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Yasmine’s really happy to be going to Black Horse Farm with cool local showjumper Oliver, but when  the farmer’s daughter, turns out to be bubbly blonde Hayley, Yasmine’s not so sure she’s going to enjoy her stay. The riding’s great, though, and when weird things start happening to Hayley, it’s Yasmine who tries to help. The farm holds a secret, and someone is trying to cash in, and they don’t care if anyone gets hurt. When poor old Hayley ends up in hospital Oliver’s convinced one of the other guests is guilty because everyone else has an alibi. It’s Yasmine who works out just how the attack was set up – it’s clever but maybe you’ll work it out too!


  Sea Horses






Then there’s Sea Horses, where Caitlin owns Jade, the best behaved horse ever.  Caitlin always says Jade is her BFF and she doesn’t have time for boys until they go on holiday and meet Zak, who’s amAZING.  Trouble is he’s a good bit older and has a high maintenance girlfriend called Tasha.  When weird stuff starts happening between Zak’s family and a bad-tempered neighbour, everyone blames the fiery Tasha but it’s Caitlin and Jade who find proof of the girlfriend’s innocence.  Doh!  The mystery in this one’s harder to solve I think but hey, you might not think so.

 Legend of the Island Horse





    Tia’s dad is a writer whose research takes them to the remote island of Morvona. Tia’s not keen on the trip till she finds she can take her beloved pony, Gable. Things look even brighter when they meet cute Daniel with his beautiful horse, Harley, rumoured to be one of the descendants of the legendary Island Horse. Disputes between a group of students staying with Daniel’s family threaten to ruin the great time Tia’s having, and it’s just too much when it seems one of the girls is making a move on her dad! Nasty tricks are played and people start getting hurt, till it seems finding the truth about the legend is just too dangerous a game to play. The mystery part of this plot seems easy to solve – but will you, like Tia, discover the truth before it’s too late?



Dark Horse

Dark (paint)









Tanglewood, the stable Liz loves, is facing financial ruin. But Liz won’t give up, not on Tanglewood, nor on Toshak, the spirited dark bay gelding, nor on Darren, the boy whose father owns the stable. Tanglewood, and the way of life that goes with it, is about to be sold when a wealthy eccentric uncle leaves Darren and his dad only a riddle as an inheritance. Liz and Darren start a bizarre treasure hunt where the stakes are high and the rewards even higher. If they fail, Tanglewood will be lost. If they succeed…. the best is yet to come.


A Horse By Any Other Name

Name (paint)



Fifteen-year old Fran and her mother live on a small farm with a menagerie of entertaining animals. When her mother rescues an abused horse from a shifty character Fran names him Charlie and nurses him back to health. When it is suggested that the quality horse may have been stolen Fran is unhappy at the thought of another girl with a broken heart. Her love of Charlie keeps growing and he’s turning into a fabulous jumper who gives Fran confidence she never had before. At the same time Charlie comes into her life a mysterious gypsy boy called Kez appears from nowhere and a string of tack thefts hit the area. Fran must go with her instincts to protect the wrongly accused, all the while searching for Charlie’s real owner (yet hoping they will never be found). As well as crime solving this is a story of friendship, bravery and love.

And now – the first of the ‘Garland House’ Mystery Trilogy

 Horse in the Mirror    

Mirror (paint)                                                                                                               


Ellie    is the proud owner of Aslan, surely the cleverest horse in the world. The two of them are on vacation with best friend Tara and her pony Podge when they meet Jonah and Ricky Barton. The brothers live with their parents at Garland House, an old mansion in the countryside with a mysterious past. Riding out with the brothers and using their fantastic cross country course is more than Ellie could have hoped for. Soon, though there are more serious things to worry about. The sudden reappearance of a man claiming to be the heir of Garland House’s recently deceased owner puts Jonah and his family‘s future in jeopardy. Will they have to leave Garland House and adandon their dreams? Not if Ellie and Jonah can help it! The discovery of a secret passage plays a vital role in unravelling a mystery and so does Ellie’s extraordinary relationship with Aslan.

Horse in the Portrait  

Portrait (paint)




When Ellie and Tara return to Garland House in Book Two the Barton family are embarking on a new project, offering working holidays to families including horse-back riding lessons for their children. The girls think it could be fun – until they meet the visitors. Not only is one boy obsessed with Ellie, making Jonah crazy, but another is convinced there’s a ghost. Ellie thinks she has felt a presence too so is the reclusive former owner, Silas, trying to drive the guests away? Ellie and Jonah try to find out but their sleuthing isn’t popular among the guests. An old portrait Jonah has put in Ellie’s room features a horse that looks like Aslan – so could this be the valuable object that is rumoured to be somewhere in the house? With so many factors against them, this is a tricky mystery to solve and as Ellie works it out she and Aslan must again brave great danger.


Horse in the Diary


Diary (paint)





Book Three has a very different feel when Ellie and Aslan have an unexpected stay at Garland House. Although the horses and riding are still great, things have changed. Jonah has changed, he’s acting cold and elusive and she feels the former connection between them has gone. There’s another girl on the scene, taking all his attention but when she leaves the situation gets worse not better and Jonah seems to have lost his senses. A crime has been committed but although the evidence points to him he clams up and refuses to defend himself so that even his brother Ricky thinks he’s guilty. Only Ellie believes in him and she and Aslan will risk everything to save him.


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