Hello lovely readers, thank you SO much for buying my books and saying nice things about them!  And now here I am with a brand new (to me) publisher, Breakaway Books, who are bringing out my books just as I write them – set in the British Isles and full of horses and adventures, the odd mystery and even odder romance ( where some of the boys are pretty cute!)

One Direction

OK maybe not this cute.

But the horses are definitely aaahhhhhh

But the horses are definitely aaahhhhhh

          So please keep sending your emails and tell me what you think. I love reading your comments and all the stuff about the ponies you ride. Any suggestions for names I can use in my stories, especially ones for horses, are particularly welcome. I’ll keep you up-to-date with what’s happening with the books, throw in the occasional photo and diary entry, and just generally be more in touch.

          Breakaway Books are bringing out many titles, details are on my Book List page – all available at www.breakawaybooks.com   You can also buy them from www.amazon.com  and www.amazon.co.uk in book and Kindle versions. Have fun reading them and see you all again soon!